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ACV-16041 Auto Optical Fastener Inspection Machine

High speed Automatic optical nut sorting machine

Auto Optical Fastener Inspection Machine

Screw sorting machine is designed with glass platform

Auto Optical Fastener Inspection Machine

Suitable for inspecting rivet contacts, fastener <m3.0 of 3C/electronic application


  • Appling component: Fastener, rivet contacts , micro screw, micro parts
  • Suitable for inspecting fastener <m3.0 of 3C/electronic application
  • Sorting range: MO.6-M3 standard
  • Application: screws of mobile phone, MP3, PDA, notebook, digital camera
  • Speed: Non-stop Inspection with High Speed 600~1000 parts per minute
  • user-friendly ,easy for operation and maintenance

Inspection criteria

fastener parts head width / height / pinhole depth / recess shape / burr in recess/ spiral thread / thread I.D. / thread E.D./ neck length / shank vertical / screw length / first thread / drunk thread / head crack / plating / insert nut thread / burr / dimension / etc.

Auto Optical Fastener Inspection Machine



Series No. ACV-16041
Appling component Micro screw, special micro parts, semiconductor parts
Diameter of component M0.6-M4 standard
Length of component 25mm
Head Width 25mm
No. of CCD 2 CCD
Vision system Highly magnified CCD camera / light source sets
Software Accuvision Pro-V II version 2.5
Supply and output Feeding bowl / linear track / sorting bins (Good/NG)
Speed 600~1000 pcs/min
Power AC 220 - 240V / 50Hz
Mainframe Industrial computer, MITSUBISHI servo motor, Industrial CCD, Telecentric lens
Machine spec. 1065mmL×860mmW×1,855mmH